Installing a video surveillance system deters crime, and is fundamental to having a safe, secure property.

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    savannah security systemSecurity cameras have earned a place as one of the most effective security devices in today’s arsenal of building protection. Experience the best surveillance systems Savannah has to offer.

    Some of the most popular applications of video tech are remote video monitoring, facility protection, operations monitoring, loss prevention, vandalism deterrence, employee safety, parking lot monitoring, and property perimeter security.

    Any situation where keeping an eye on what’s happening is important can be greatly enhanced by remotely operating cameras. Whether it’s on the production floor, a perimeter fence, doorways, windows or parking areas, video surveillance helps you maintain safety, security, and efficiency at all times.

    Theft, break-ins and even dishonest employees can cause headaches for any business owner. Video provides an excellent solution to keeping an eye on anything untoward happening, in real-time and on some occasions, as it is happening. A suite of linked cameras can allow a reduced number of employees to survey a large area easily.

    Add in some recent advances in video equipment, like facial recognition, motion activation, and automatic tracking and it’s like hiring an entire staff of security guards to patrol your property.

    As for monitoring the video, there are now countless digital platforms, apps, and websites that can integrate all your security assets and allow them to work together. They are also accessible- even by phone.

    Our high-def cameras are able to provide stand-alone evidence – even from long distances or in a crowded room.

    We encourage our customers to think through all the possible reasons for installing video surveillance. What do you want to primarily accomplish? What are some valuable secondary reasons for cameras? A professional security expert can bring valuable guidance to these questions and even help you determine the return on investment over time that your system will bring.

    Using cameras in tandem with the latest digital analysis capabilities can result in incredible advantages for you beyond alerting a monitor to potential danger. Video surveillance allows you to make judgments about the effectiveness of other security measures, plug possible holes and even make predictions about security lapses.

    There are times when you want cameras to be almost invisible, and others when you want them to serve as a deterrent by their noticeability. In both cases, weatherproof and vandal-proof housings are essential. The cameras themselves can be given nighttime capabilities additional lighting, and have audible alarms integrated.

    Video Surveillance is a valuable tool for property managers and business owners, helping them avoid lawsuits, identify losses, send miscreants packing and provide an eye on things that never sleep or lose focus. Reduced risk can also positively affect your insurance rates!

    Remote Technology Helps Savannah and Surrounding Areas

    Remote Technology Security Services, a Savannah security system provider, handles customers throughout the southeast. The coming together of information technology with physical devices like advanced sensors have opened up new ways of keeping a building protected. We’re on the cutting edge of marrying these tools through LAN connections and distributed wireless signals to other security measures like access control, intrusion detection, communications and monitoring.

    Our Site Support Agreement give peace of mind to our clients by promising all installation, regular maintenance, alarm monitoring and speedy service calls at a price that may surprise you. We’re often less expensive than the big national chains in the medium term because of our lower monthly costs.

    We also pledge to give you better individual attention than a big outfit can give because we’re local. You have unlimited phone support after installation on any aspect of our work.

    We see every project as an opportunity to serve you by listening carefully to your needs and not oversell you on something you don’t need. Staying on schedule and on budget is another big priority for us. Maximizing your investment in security is of course our chief concern. Call Remote Technology Security Services, your Savannah security system leader, for a free demonstration today!

    After researching multiple vendors our company ultimately decided that Remote Technology’s technical experience and approach to customer support was a great match for our new manufacturing facility. Remote Technology helped design and install our security systems from the very beginning stages. Our high definition cameras and access control work seamlessly together and allow us the ability to monitor and secure our plant from anywhere, whenever we want. Remote Technology is a partner we trust to keep us up to date with the current security technology.

    Chris E. Caesarstone Technologies

    Our existing surveillance systems technologies were dated and didn’t provide the level of security required. Remote Technology installed a new state of the art Network Video Recorder that incorporates all three of our sites into one easy to use system. Now we receive alerts and notifications and are able to check-in from mobile devices as needed. The images are high definition and provides evidence and documentation we rely on. The team at Remote Technology went above and beyond what we expected during both the planning and installation phases to accommodate the unique challenges of our museums' 3-sites.

    William Forrester Director of Operations Telfair Museums