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    Our existing surveillance systems technologies were dated and didn’t provide the level of security required. Remote Technology installed a new state of the art Network Video Recorder that incorporates all three of our sites into one easy to use system. Now we receive alerts and notifications and are able to check-in from mobile devices as needed. The images are high definition and provides evidence and documentation we rely on. The team at Remote Technology went above and beyond what we expected during both the planning and installation phases to accommodate the unique challenges of our museums' 3-sites.

    William Forrester Director of Operations Telfair Museums

    After researching multiple vendors our company ultimately decided that Remote Technology’s technical experience and approach to customer support was a great match for our new manufacturing facility. Remote Technology helped design and install our security systems from the very beginning stages. Our high definition cameras and access control work seamlessly together and allow us the ability to monitor and secure our plant from anywhere, whenever we want. Remote Technology is a partner we trust to keep us up to date with the current security technology.

    Chris E. Caesarstone Technologies