System Design

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with an effective, interconnected perimeter of security that protects your facility from any intruder.

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    System Design

    custom security system design

    Our home base is in Savannah, GA, but we install, integrate and support custom security systems throughout the southeast region with clients in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and beyond.

    Information Technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years and we are privileged to be on the cutting edge of the integration of current computing power with the ever-increasing applications in securing a facility or office. In particular, wireless devices have opened the possibility of using distributed wireless systems to interconnect video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, monitoring, and communications.

    Remote Technologies is your go-to for customization and installation of top-to-bottom security systems whether you are a large or small business needing any level of security. You’ll know that remote technology has tested multiple vendors to ensure the solution we select for you is the right one. We only use the best products. Try our Free Demonstration for a glimpse into what we can do for you!

    One of our sought-after features is our Site Support Agreement that takes care of all installation, regular maintenance, alarm monitoring and quick responses to service calls.

    Security System Design

    Remote Technology Security Services is a well-known security system design company centered in the southeastern US region. Large or small, isolated or urban, Remote Technology Security Services is ready to install and maintain a customized, integrated security system that can identify and deter criminal activity in and around your facilities. We plan and install smart systems that are interconnected with your other security features and digital platforms.

    We offer a full suite of security system designs and engineering possibilities. Whether you’re augmenting an existing system or starting from scratch, our goal is to exceed your expectations with an effective, interconnected perimeter of security that protects your facility from any intruder.

    Starting with a comprehensive site survey that identifies your needs, we propose a system that meets those requirements using the best available technology for your budget.

    This initial risk assessment is done on-site and evaluates the full extent of an organization’s risk mitigation needs. Cost estimates are usually provided quickly after the completion of a survey.

    Then it’s up to you to decide on the exact combination of devices and connections you need. Like anything else, a larger investment in the short term can mean a lower cost in the long term. But Remote Technology Security Services can integrate scalability and upgrades in our contract with you.

    An adequate security system can be complex, and the most effective ones have the ability to interconnect through various digital platforms. When broken into phases, it’s quite a bit more manageable for facility managers to plan for and implement. Typical phases include: Conceptual design, design development, installation and administration of installation.

    Conceptual design

    We take into consideration not only your present requirements, but collaborate on what your future needs will be. Armed with that insight, we can build a plan that is easily scalable or upgradable in the future.

    Initial site surveys are usually done without charge by one of our experienced technicians.

    After taking a thorough survey of what you currently have in place, we help you decide what must be added, changed and kept and reused to provide the optimum level of security possible.

    Components such as closed circuit TV, access control, programming stations, monitoring equipment, intrusion detection devices (Infrared detectors, sound monitors, or other physical motion detection for example) can be recommended to meet your goals.

    Design development and installation

    With your budget in mind, we’ll guide you through all the infrastructure installation you need. Your setup may include laying new fiber optic or standard ethernet cable, wireless equipment, and additional power supplies. Detailed plans for installation, software configuration, testing and support are part of the process. Any building code or legal issues are handled in these phases.

    You can stop worrying about system failures or blind spots.

    Remote Technology Security Services is known throughout the southeast for…

    Personal and individualized attention that giant national security companies can’t pull off
    Quick-response customer service with unlimited phone support
    Our installations are usually less expensive on a monthly basis than other national companies

    Our company values include:

    • Treating each project as an opportunity to serve
    • Carefully listening to our clients to understand their unique challenges
    • Responding to your security needs with state-of-the-art solutions
    • Staying on schedule and on budget with high quality workmanship
    • Fully supporting every client to maximize the benefit of their investment in security

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    After researching multiple vendors our company ultimately decided that Remote Technology’s technical experience and approach to customer support was a great match for our new manufacturing facility. Remote Technology helped design and install our security systems from the very beginning stages. Our high definition cameras and access control work seamlessly together and allow us the ability to monitor and secure our plant from anywhere, whenever we want. Remote Technology is a partner we trust to keep us up to date with the current security technology.

    Chris E. Caesarstone Technologies

    Our existing surveillance systems technologies were dated and didn’t provide the level of security required. Remote Technology installed a new state of the art Network Video Recorder that incorporates all three of our sites into one easy to use system. Now we receive alerts and notifications and are able to check-in from mobile devices as needed. The images are high definition and provides evidence and documentation we rely on. The team at Remote Technology went above and beyond what we expected during both the planning and installation phases to accommodate the unique challenges of our museums' 3-sites.

    William Forrester Director of Operations Telfair Museums