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Remote Technology Security Services offers a variety of safety and security services to our customers including video management, access control, gates and barriers, intrusion and fire alarms, fiber optics, wireless and ethernet networks.

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Now Hiring: Low Voltage Field Technicians

Attributes and skills desired include:

  • A positive customer service first attitude
  • Read and comprehend manuals, specifications, maps, engineering documents, work orders, check lists and site specific safety rules
  • 10 hour OSHA Certification
  • Use smart phone apps to document time and work product
  • Safely and correctly use standard power tools
  • Know safe ladder setup / use
  • Practice safety basics:
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Fire extinguishers – types and uses
    • Hazard communication labels and plans
  • Operate power equipment:
    • Scissors lift 
    • Articulating boom lift
    • Concrete saw – handheld/walk behind
    • Chipping tool
  • Correctly terminate and test Cat5 and Cat6 cables – Create a patch cable
  • Correctly land cables in terminal blocks
  • Correctly splice cables 
  • Pull and fish cables
  • Correctly connect flexible conduit and ensure watertight junction boxes.
  • Familiar with conduit bending/accessories 
  • Well versed in wire management across spaces, in data rooms, racks, patch panels, access control enclosures, MDF and IDF enclosures
  • Workshop duties include:
    • Build backplanes with instructions
    • Enclosure fabrication 
    • Install access control door hardware – strike/maglock/eeb/pir/reader
    • Drywall/frame cutting Have or obtain the basic Tech Tool Kit (see below)
  • Use computers to configure IP devices – bench test w/ checklist, be able to tweak after installation
  • Use POE and LAN Testers
  • Installing cameras:
    • Camera mount engineering – beam clamps, uni-strut, L brackets, pendant, parapet, wall – sheet metal, concrete, drywall anchors, ceiling tile cutting
    • Use of point-plus battery tool, proprietary software, wireless dongle, pinpoint adapter 
    • Proper Field of View adjustments
    • Troubleshoot cameras
  • Know how to use a multimeter – resistance, power, continuity
  • Install a TV 
  • Install a PC 
  • Configure a VMS server – bench test w/ checklist, be able to tweak after installation
  • Configure a radio – bench test w/ checklist, tweak after installation
  • Know basic circuit logic
  • Install intrusion detection system
  • Install fire alarms
  • Basic network logic / troubleshooting 
  • Familiar with access control panel wiring and be able to troubleshoot: 
    • Repair reader not working – function and testing
    • Repair strike/maglock not working – function and testing
    • Repair rex not working – function and testing
    • Repair contact not working – function and testing
  • Install and troubleshoot various gate operators – slide, swing, barrier arm with proper safeties- loops, safety eyes – edge sensors
  • Install, terminate and /test fiber optic cables:
    • Mechanical termination kits
    • ST, LC, SC connectors
    • Produce test reports
  • Install turnstile and troubleshoot

Compensation: Competitive salary based on experience and qualifications, 10 paid holidays, 1-4 weeks of PTO based on length of service, dental, medical insurance, 3% company match retirement savings plan (requires 2 years of service)

Our mission is to enhance the safety and security of our customers’ personnel, their visitors and their property through the use of advanced technology.

At Remote Technology Security Services, we are driven by the knowledge that we help identify and control risks, reduce property loss and damage, prevent injuries, enhance productivity and aid in incident investigations.

By incorporating best in class technology, hiring and training technically adept and savvy personnel, we partner with our customers to achieve mutual success.

We do this by being honest in everything we do, and by being fanatically dedicated to customer satisfaction, which helps us develop long term relationships with our customers.

After researching multiple vendors our company ultimately decided that Remote Technology’s technical experience and approach to customer support was a great match for our new manufacturing facility. Remote Technology helped design and install our security systems from the very beginning stages. Our high definition cameras and access control work seamlessly together and allow us the ability to monitor and secure our plant from anywhere, whenever we want. Remote Technology is a partner we trust to keep us up to date with the current security technology.

Chris E. Caesarstone Technologies

Our existing surveillance systems technologies were dated and didn’t provide the level of security required. Remote Technology installed a new state of the art Network Video Recorder that incorporates all three of our sites into one easy to use system. Now we receive alerts and notifications and are able to check-in from mobile devices as needed. The images are high definition and provides evidence and documentation we rely on. The team at Remote Technology went above and beyond what we expected during both the planning and installation phases to accommodate the unique challenges of our museums' 3-sites.

William Forrester Director of Operations Telfair Museums