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When interconnected with other types of alarms, monitoring stations, cameras, motion detectors and the like, your system can outsmart even the most determined intruder.

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    Alarm Systems Savannah GARemote Technology features some of the best alarm systems Savannah GA has available. Alarms and intrusion detection engineers have developed some impressive ways to protect your property with stealth and efficiency. Remote Technology Security Services, your Savannah security company, is founded on the idea that the application of the best possible electronic security capabilities should be in reach of any organization that wants to fully protect itself. Let us earn your business by finding out about our commitment to applying cutting edge security tools to your physical plant.

    As a Savannah security company, we install and support systems all over the southeastern U.S. We’ve secured facilities in North Carolina, Florida, and beyond. Large and small, remote or urban, we are accustomed to accommodating our client’s specific security needs no matter what level of building protection they need.

    Alarm Systems Savannah GA

    Using the latest in digitally interconnected devices wirelessly or by cable, we can make all your detectors and security measures communicate quickly and efficiently in the background. Video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and monitoring, when installed in a coordinated system can magnify the vigilance of any person you have assigned to facility management.

    Since time immemorial, facility security has been a priority for owners or managers of the property. Threats to facility security are not going away anytime soon, so the need for some level of physical detection and deterrent still remains. Savannah security Company Remote Technology Security Services has built a reputation as a top provider of design and installation of electronic systems by paying attention to our customers and building systems customized to what they need, whether it’s extremely tight or relatively light.

    Fire warning systems are unquestionably necessary for a secure workplace, manufacturing area or storage facility. Faster than any other intruder, a structure fire can rob you of inventory, damage your physical plant and threaten the health of your employees. State of the art fire detection equipment should be a high priority of anyone thinking about the security of their assets. Remote Technology has full capabilities to install and test heat, flame and smoke detectors and integrate them into your overall security system.

    Alarms and intrusion detection is a major requirement for most commercial and private facilities that are vulnerable to unwanted incursion. Remote Technology Security Services specializes in smart detection and alarm systems for almost any application. When interconnected with other types of alarms, monitoring stations, cameras, motion detectors and the like, your system can outsmart even the most determined intruder.

    Intrusion Detection is the backbone of any security system. Keeping watch over all potential access points- especially doors and windows- high tech sensors can alert you to any ingress by an unwanted person. Remote Technology offers alarm monitoring and can provide you with a system that you can rely on, including:alarm systems savannah ga

    • Door Contacts
    • Glass break Monitors
    • Motion Detection
    • IR Beams
    • Alarm Panels and Keypads
    • Alarm Monitoring
    • Wired or Wireless interconnection with other equipment

    Remote Technology Provides Top-Notch Service

    Let us show you what we can do for your organization with our free demonstration. We believe you’ll be impressed by our ability to stop an emergency before it starts!

    Remote Technology also brings our Site Support Agreement to the table. We can remove all the headache of security from your staff by taking care of all installation, regular maintenance, monitoring and quick responses to service calls. Rest easier knowing that we are on watch for you.

    Savannah security company Remote Technology Security Services is proud to build our reputation on the following:
    personal attention to our clients, something the giant national security companies aren’t able to do
    Highly responsive customer service and unlimited call-in support
    Lower overall medium-term cost than other national companies.

    We also instill our values in all our technicians and support staff that ultimately benefit you, our client:

    We treat each customer as a means of serving and meeting a need
    We Listen carefully to each customer in order to understand their one-of-a-kind challenges
    We respond to your security challenges with cutting edge solutions
    We strive to stay on schedule and on budget with high quality workmanship
    We fully support our installations to help our clients maximize their security investment

    Our existing surveillance systems technologies were dated and didn’t provide the level of security required. Remote Technology installed a new state of the art Network Video Recorder that incorporates all three of our sites into one easy to use system. Now we receive alerts and notifications and are able to check-in from mobile devices as needed. The images are high definition and provides evidence and documentation we rely on. The team at Remote Technology went above and beyond what we expected during both the planning and installation phases to accommodate the unique challenges of our museums' 3-sites.

    William Forrester Director of Operations Telfair Museums

    After researching multiple vendors our company ultimately decided that Remote Technology’s technical experience and approach to customer support was a great match for our new manufacturing facility. Remote Technology helped design and install our security systems from the very beginning stages. Our high definition cameras and access control work seamlessly together and allow us the ability to monitor and secure our plant from anywhere, whenever we want. Remote Technology is a partner we trust to keep us up to date with the current security technology.

    Chris E. Caesarstone Technologies