How Occupancy-Monitoring Cameras Can Help Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about the way we move around in public. Occupancy limits aren’t a new concept for businesses, but before, having your building be at max capacity was probably a good thing that meant your restaurant was going to have a great night, or the blowout sale you’re having is bringing in all the customers you want. Now, you’re much more likely to hit your occupancy limit since it’s lower, and it’s much more important that you monitor this number closely for the safety of your guests. This is why occupancy-monitoring cameras are a vital part of almost any business during COVID-19.


How do they work?

Most up-to-date security systems have the ability to track individuals as they move through your business. For your system to be able to help you track your occupancy numbers, you just have to make sure your camera coverage includes the full area of your business, or as much as you can get into the frame. The cameras then count all the individuals they see at any given time and spit out a number to the monitoring system.

Some systems can also connect to a screen or device at the entrance of your business, and can be programed to give a green light to new customers when it is safely under occupancy guidelines. Once you reach the number of guests allowed inside your facility (which you program in yourself, allowing you to change it if guidelines change), the system automatically signals to customers coming in that you are at capacity and they should wait.

improving your security

How do I get occupancy-monitoring cameras in my business?

This may sound like a great, practical, and necessary system, but as a business-owner, your main concern right now is probably saving money. Completely overhauling your current security system in the middle of a pandemic, when so many businesses are struggling, almost definitely isn’t at the top of your to-do list.

But here is the best thing about these systems: any cameras can be made into occupancy-monitoring cameras. You simply need new software behind your current security cameras, which can be installed by a professional. This turns your current monitoring system into one that can track and control your occupancy without having to rip out any wires or make any structural change.

Getting your system updated

Upgrading your security system to include occupancy-monitoring cameras is a cost-effective way to make sure you’re protecting the health of your guests and your employees. It will not only help your business during COVID, but it will still be relevant long after the time of masks and social distancing.

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