The 4 Core Needs of Every Security System

by Remote Technology

Among the top priorities of every business owner is keeping their employees safe. This leads nearly every business owner at some point down the road of installing a security system. But with so many options to consider though, how do you even begin to know what your business needs? To help make the overwhelming choice manageable, start by considering these 4 core needs that a security system for a business should meet.

1. Access Control

The basics of access control is to oversee the who, where, and when of your business – who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to go, and when in the day or night they can access these areas. This is done through a huge variety of ways, from a simple “Staff Only” sign to a two-factor or biometric authentication system.


  • physical item, controlled by a monitor or by the entrant themselves: keycard, key, turnstile or locked door
  • information: pin numbers, password, or code
  • biometric options: fingerprint scanners or retina scanners, facial recognition, voice identification
  • system can also inform a monitor of whose credentials were used to open a door or how long that door was open (with an alarm set if it’s open for too long)
  • multi-factor authentication will include multiple of the following: something a person knows (pin number), something the person has (a key or entry card), and something originating on the person (biometric authentication)
  • premises entry: barrier gates, arms, or turnstiles

For more information on access control, check out our Access Control page.

2. Surveillance

When most people think of a security system, the first thing they think of is surveillance. While a complete security system is much more than just cameras – surveillance is a huge part of any complete security setup. Remotely operating video cameras can be a top line of defense for facility protection, operations monitoring, loss prevention, vandalism deterrence, employee safety, parking lot monitoring, and property perimeter security. A comprehensive surveillance system acts as eyes all around your facility, for real-time observation or investigations into incidents that have already happened.

3. Deterrence

A security system is only as good as its ability to stop a crime. In addition to restricting access and maintaining a recording of the events in and around your building, a well-rounded security system for a business must feature some sort of way to specifically deter criminals. That deterrence could range from something as simple as a sign saying “RECORDING IN PROGRESS” to an audio alert or strobing light that is triggered by an unauthorized activity and lets the intruder know they are being recorded.

This is where the integration of your system really shines: your access control features let you know when an unauthorized attempt was made, or your facial-recognition surveillance system proactively alerts you when a potentially dangerous person arrives. Any of these events can be set to trigger an alarm.

4. Response

Once you’ve covered all the other objectives that a security system for a business should meet, you need to know what your system will do with the information it gathers. We’ve already gone over how your system should alert you (a designated first to respond, whether that be the owner, manager, or security team) of different situations. But some situations require further action. For instance, if fire is detected or a crime is actively taking place, you may want your system to have the ability to contact authorities directly. Or, you may want certain events reported to the business owner in addition to the traditional security routes depending on the circumstances. A text can be sent to the owner or security team when a person is detected in view of your security cameras. From there, you can determine whether further action is needed.

Once you’ve considered what features you want in each of these four categories, then you can begin working with a professional to craft a security system that is unique to your business. That’s where Remote Technology comes in. We’re experts at designing and installing well-rounded security systems that are catered to the needs of each individual business. For a free demo, you can call 912-354-8727 to speak with us today, or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you within the business day.

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