The Top 4 Ways Walk-Through Metal Detectors Could Help your Business

by Remote Technology

We’re used to seeing metal detectors in high-security situations, like airports or sports venues. But metal detectors are increasingly popping up in every-day venues and businesses. How could these machines benefit your business? We’ve got the top 4 ways that metal detectors might surprise you in their usefulness.

Safety & protection

Everyone knows, but the advancements being made in walk-through metal detector technologies will surprise you. Just having metal detectors at an event is often enough to deter wrongdoers. But metal detectors now also go above and beyond the simple detection – detectors now can alert for both ferrous and non-ferrous weapons, meaning even if a weapon does not have iron in it, it can still be detected. Certain Garret models include a new SmartScan technology which scans walkthroughs for temperature in addition to unauthorized objects, and will alert if any individual is attempting to enter your facility with a fever. This gives you new and improved protection for your staff, now from more than just weapons.


With optional casters and battery capability, the Garret PD 6500i™ is ideal for any facility that may need to deploy or move their metal detectors quickly. This also goes for a business that may only need temporary security, such as a bar or restaurant that is occasionally used as a music venue.

Capacity control

Not only do metal detectors offer a unique opportunity for higher security, but they also can be used to easily count the number of people you have coming in or out of your site. This information is obviously useful in many ways, from event analytics to fire-safety to staff planning.

Multi-zone detection

There are generally two different categories of machine when it comes to walk-through metal detection: single-zone and multi-zone. Single-zone is a basic yes/no system, it alerts if there is an unauthorized object detected. Multi-zone will pinpoint where on the person the unauthorized object is located. For example, a multi-zone machine will tell the operator that a person walking through has an object concealed on their right or left side, and will provide at least some guidance to where on the body head-to-toe the object is located. Higher caliber machines like the Garrett PD 6500 can tell you exactly where on the body the object is located. All of this means security can respond faster to a potential threat, as well as just processing individuals more quickly.

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