Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses: Setting up your Security System for Success

Hurricane season presents universal challenges for everyone on or near the American east coast. But preparing for a hurricane can be particularly challenging for business owners. What extra steps do you need to take? How will you secure your business in the midst of a natural disaster? Here are the top things you need to consider when preparing your security system for hurricane season.

hurricane preparedness for business

1. Stay up-to-date on maintenance

We’re starting with the simplest thing here, but it can easily slip the mind of a busy business owner. Staying up-to-date on maintenance will ensure that you won’t be dealing with repairs and other issues on top of a natural disaster, should one occur. It is the easiest way to spot and correct security issues beforehand, so you can be back up and running as soon as possible after a hurricane.

2. Install redundancies

These are things like generators and backup batteries, and they are a must when establishing hurricane preparedness for your business. If your business loses power during a hurricane or other natural disaster, as is often the case, you want to have peace of mind knowing your security system will work no matter what. This means even if no one is there to monitor the system, your points of entry are still secure and things like cameras are still working in case the worst happens.

hurricane preparedness for businesses
security as a service

3. Create an evacuation plan

Hurricanes can wreak havoc on inland communities, dumping inches of rain, causing flooding, and all the dangers that come with that. But coastal communities are often called to evacuate completely because the dangers of the wind and the storm surge can be far more than just flooding. This being said, you should have a plan in place so you know what your security system will look like if no one can be there to monitor it.

This includes things like potentially being able to access your security system remotely to check on your facility, and making sure your cameras can operate in the case of flooding, dark conditions, or without a person there to manually operate them.

4. Get an assessment done

Hurricane preparedness for your business means more than just tacking on failsafes to your system. You want your security system operating all the way through a disaster. A security assessment can provide you valuable information on where you need to invest. Remote Technology offers no-charge assessments of your existing security system to any local (Savannah-area) businesses. A security assessment is basically a discovery meeting; experts will tour your facility to see what you already have in place, whether that’s very little or a comprehensive system, and give you a complete overview of your system’s strengths and weaknesses. These assessments often reveal small things, like the wrong camera being used for a specific area or cameras not being placed high enough in a flood-zone, which can mean the difference between simple repairs and catastrophic hurricane damage. As we like to say,

“It doesn’t cost you anything to get an assessment, but it could cost you everything to not get one.”

hurricane preparedness for businesses
hurricane preparedness for business

5. Get a Service Agreement

Once you’ve gotten your assessment done, you can choose to get a service agreement with Remote Technology. The first step to this will be upgrading the parts of your system which need help with new, state-of-the-art technology. In doing this, though, we always try to integrate as much of your existing system as we can, to keep the cost low.

Once you have your comprehensive system in place, we’ll set you up with a regular maintenance plan that can catch issues before they become a problem. You’ll also get priority service when something goes wrong, meaning once a storm has passed you go to the top of the list for any necessary repairs. Moving forward, you’ll also have a replacement guarantee for any equipment that breaks or becomes out of date.

Get Started on Hurricane Preparedness for your Business Today

Still feel like the existing hurricane preparedness for your business isn’t up-to-par? The experts at Remote Technology are waiting to help. Since no two businesses are alike, we pride ourselves on crafting unique solutions for every individual business.