Security as a Service: Choosing the right security system for your business to preserve capital and minimize risk

When choosing a security setup for your business, you have to balance cost, effectiveness, and liability. Of course you want the cost to be low, but too low and you may be getting a system that will become obsolete in a month. Too high, and it may be paying for more than you’ll ever need or use. You also have to consider the liability of bringing an entirely new system into your business, that employees will have to be trained on and you will be responsible for maintaining. You may have heard of security “as a service”, but what does that mean? What does this system offer you that others fall short on? Let’s find out.

security as a service

Security as a Service

There are two main ways of incorporating a security system into your business. You can buy all your equipment outright and own it, or you can go with security as a service, which allows you to gain use of our equipment for a monthly fee without the liability of owning your own equipment. This is also known as the Service Payment Model. Let’s go over the benefits of both.

Buying Outright

Buying outright means you now own all your own equipment. The cost for this could range from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars. When you buy your equipment from Remote Technology, the purchase comes with a service agreement that includes a certain number of service calls a year (one, two, or four), where the Remote Technology team cleans and checks all the equipment to make sure it’s in working order. Customers with a service agreement also get top priority with service calls.

Buying outright may seem like a good idea, but the danger in this comes when you look at how quickly new advances in technology are happening now. If you buy an entire system, it may work for years. But it may also become obsolete within 6 months, as new technology comes out that may better suit your business. Additionally, there is a risk in ownership in the case of growth. If you own your own solution, it can become costly to scale up if your operation changes and grows.

Service Payment Model

The second option is the service payment model. This is a service offered exclusively with our financial partner TAMCO and Remote Technology. With this security as-a-service model, or what we call the Remote Technology Shield Program. This allows the customer to get “best in class” security technology for a low monthly payment. The lack of ownership puts the responsibility in Remote Technology’s hands to ensure the equipment is always working correctly.

With this service payment model, your company also benefits from the Solution Replacement Guarantee, which allows your business to upgrade to new technology if your existing solution no longer meets your needs or becomes obsolete. You existing contract will be completely forgiven, no rollover balances or penalty fees. Considering the billions of dollars tech manufacturers spend on research and development every year, and new technology is coming out every 6 months-2 years, this option keeps your business at the forefront of technology, rather than investing in a stagnant system.

Yet another benefit of the Shield Program is Act-of-God coverage. What does this mean? If your equipment is damaged by any natural disaster – tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, lightening strikes – TAMCO will pay your deductible, up to $5,000, for the needed repairs to your equipment. This is absolutely vital to businesses that are located in coastal areas, where hurricanes are coming more and more often and doing more damage. Having this peace of mind can be crucial during catastrophe, where that cash can be used in more critical areas for your business

All of this just means increased flexibility and more control so you can put your time into running your business, and leave the security up to the experts.

What does your business need?

So, given all of this information, how do you make a decision? To know which is best for you, you need to take into consideration all the unique circumstances of your business. Ask yourself questions like: do you have the up-front capital in the budget to buy your solution outright? If you do have the capital, would you prefer to preserve that after-tax working capital for revenue-generating activities opposed to spending it on depreciating equipment like a security technology solution? Is having the ability to easily scale/upgrade your technology at anytime without financial penalty going to help you meet your goals and objectives? Will it be beneficial to have technology experts available to service your system and keep it operating efficiently?

Our Shield Program offers a low-risk, high-reward way of implementing a full security system for your business. Our security as-a-service model is safer than outright buying all your equipment. And it allows you to get back to what you want to do most – run your business.

Interested in the Remote Technology Shield Program?

We believe every business’s security system solution should be like a fingerprint to that business, completely unique. Just as no two businesses are exactly alike, no two security systems should be. That’s why our process always starts with a personal consultation with one of our security experts. Once you contact us, we will get back to you within 24 hours to begin learning about your particular situation and how we can tailor our expertise to solve your unique problems. That’s the core of security as a service. To get started now, fill out a contact form.