Poor security can lead to a range of bad events for your customers, workers, and suppliers. This makes improving your security incredibly necessary. With businesses focusing on maximizing profit and minimizing loss, it’s important to hone in on the smallest aspects of your security system. If you’ve ever run into numerous issues with your security, you’ve had to think about a terrible question: is your business’s security bad? 

Finding the answer to your security issues comes from a series of questions you must ask your security personnel. In this article, we’ll pose some questions you should ask yourself about your business’s security.

Does Your Company Often Have Burglary/Theft Issues? 

If your business or organization often has burglary or theft problems, then it may be time to improve your security. Securing your business with newer cameras, alarms, access control systems, and advanced learning technology can help minimize these issues. In some cases, if burglars see modern security integrations on a building, they’ll be less likely to pick that place of business to attack. This will deter tampering and show burglars that someone is watching at all times, no matter when a crime decides to strike. improving your security

Are Your Entry Points Locked and Alarmed?

If your business is easy to enter, it will become an easy target for thieves. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to lock down these areas to make sure only authorized personnel can make it through with credentials. When your business struggles with door or window break-ins, invest in stronger locks, an access control system, and an alarm system that notifies you when your building is illegally entered. Deadbolt locks usually prevent a majority of break-ins, but going the extra mile strengthens everything. 

Is Your Video Feed Grainy or Hard to See?

With high-definition taking over as the new video norm, it’s important for you to shed those analog cameras of the past and upgrade to a newer set. While we understand that not everyone can have the best of the best based on budgets, it’s important for you to still consider upgrading to a clear camera. If you stick to your old cameras, you could lose vital information because of blur or bad quality in the event of an emergency or crime. Prevent this by upgrading your cameras to high-definition. 

Does Your Insurance Company Provide Insurance Boosts?

If your insurance company incentivizes buying a new security system by offering small insurance discounts, it’s imperative that you do so. You’ll miss out on a great savings opportunity that will benefit your business for years to come. This is especially true for businesses that can’t put up a large sum of money on the regular. For these reasons, we implore you to take advantage of any possible deals out there. Consider our Security as a Service monthly subscription model if you’re pinching pennies to close out the year. 

Contact Remote Technology

When you’re looking for the best system and installers around, call Remote Technology. We’ll help you find what system is best for you and provide you with a demonstration as needed. We’ll show you exactly why you should schedule a security demo when looking to make a large purchase. If you’re looking for upgraded security integrations, call our team today and begin your assessment. We’ll begin improving your security with a custom solution that prioritizes your exact needs.