Artificial intelligence and security now go hand in hand like never before as AI continues to grow with endless possibilities. As the world begins to embrace its potential, artificial intelligence has slowly made its way into the world of security technology. While this may seem frightening to some people, the technological growth of AI means your security integrations will only become stronger and more rigid when implemented with artificial learning technologies. In this article, we’ll explain some of the best benefits of AI in your security system.




Your security team often may have to stare blankly at a set of screens to watch for suspicious activity. Just like any long and slow task, your security team’s attention to the video feeds will diminish over time. This means at any given moment, something significant can be missed. How could this be avoided with AI technology? Simply put, AI helps you focus on what matters most. artificial intelligence and security


Powered by AI with incredible video analytic capabilities, Avigilon’s security technology makes filing through hours of video easier than ever. Your loss of attention will no longer hurt you due to the AI’s ability to let you know about key events. Your staff will be able to do more with their time while managing your camera systems.




Artificial technology has incredible potential in the security industry. Prior to AI’s entrance into the industry, security leaders would have to file through months of video surveillance to find recurring events for cases, reports, etc. Now, AI makes this much simpler and does the hard work for you. This means each event is memorized, put into a database, then noted for future reference for similar events. You’ll be able to detect events, verify the severity of them, and quickly act on them by combining human intelligence with the AI’s data-driven ideas.




Finding important information to report a crime or accident is vital in getting to the bottom of a situation quickly. In these moments, you need to maximize information. This includes facial recognition, license plate recognition, usual motion detection, and usual activity detection. Along with large data banks, the AI will find this important information and lay it out for you to present to authorities when needed. With AI watching over your business, you’re better able to get to the bottom of situations if they are to occur.




When artificial intelligence watches your camera systems for you, it will automatically detect recurring images, themes, faces, etc. While this may seem like an unnecessary feature, the data will help your business understand customers better by tracking odd movements and behaviors. You’ll find patterns that may be helpful in planning how you approach certain situations.




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