October is National Crime Prevention Month. This month, our team will work to provide information about how to deter crime from happening to your business and how to react in the case that an event does happen. Businesses with physical facilities must have some sort of security integration in order to stay protected both during and after operating hours. In this article, we’ll explain a few crime prevention tips for small businesses. 

Security In Plain Sight

In 2013, an opinion piece in the Chicago Tribune stated that surveillance cameras were responsible for solving 4,500 crimes in the immediate area. This statistic alone shows the necessity of security cameras for a small business. Additionally, in Boise, ID. a news station interviewed 86 inmate burglars about factors that help them choose what homes to break into. The article explains: “Generally, burglars agreed security cameras were a deterrent.” From this information, we can conclude the same deterrent can be applied to a small business. If surveillance cameras are in plain sight, the chances of your business being broken into diminishes and the likelihood of the culprit being caught increases.

High Visibility Lights

Installing floodlights and other lighting apparatus can diminish dark areas for potential burglars to break into your facility. Smart lights that capture motion or can be turned on via your mobile device. Crime Prevention Tips for Small BusinessesAccording to this UChicago article, there was a 36% percent decrease in serious crime in areas that had significant lighting. This means higher visibility diminished the likelihood of an event happening in that area. 

While this article didn’t directly deal with small businesses, the thoughts about lighting can be applied to identical situations. If areas are well-lit, criminals are less likely to break in.

A Full Security Integration

While having security cameras can be an initial line of defense, in the case that a criminal selects your business to break into, you’ll still need other integrations to help. With a full security integration, the moment an unauthorized individual enters your facility, an alarm system will notify authorities and send you a direct notification. Additionally, other integrations will create more locking mechanisms, access control, and motion detection. Whatever the needs may be, a security engineer will create the safest system for your business.  


When you’re looking for the best system installers around, call Remote Technology. We’ll help you find what system is best for you and provide you with a demonstration as needed. We’ll show you exactly why you should schedule a security demo when looking to make a large purchase. If you’re looking for upgraded security integrations, call our team today and we’ll explain to you a few crime prevention tips for small businesses.