Modern businesses need modern solutions to keep their facilities protected from outside threats. If your business is like many others that need to protect valuable assets, you could be in the market for numerous new security assets for your business. These assets can come in a wide range of forms that include security cameras, access control systems, alarm integrations, proximity sensors, and much more. This creativity in design helps security designers like Remote Technology to create the best security solution possible for your campus or facility. In this article, we’ll explain a few security assets for your business and how they work to keep your business safe.

Surveillance Cameras

Installing a security camera system is fundamental to keeping a safe and secure environment. While many businesses already have a few cameras in place, it’s important to analyze the camera’s quality and aim. This ensures that your images are crystal clear and picking up as much traffic as possible. 

Picture this scenario: there’s a specific camera in the parking lot that covers most of the area, but not all. This camera also has poor picture quality. 

First, we can tell that this camera isn’t properly aimed to cover the necessary area. If something were to happen in this blind area, you would not be able to tell how or why the event occurred. Next, even if the event happened in the center of the camera, it may be too difficult to see what happened. In this scenario, it’s important to not only have cameras in the first place but also ones that are aimed well and provide clear images.

Access Control Systems 

Access control systems provide door control from remote points. This means that you lock and unlock doors from the comfort of your own desk, even on the other side of campus.

For this example, imagine you run security for a campus. If you need a certain sector of the campus locked for safety reasons, you can do that with a click of a button. Additionally, you can give individuals certain privileges via biometric or card access. The choice is up to you.

Alarm Systems 

When paired with other security assets like surveillance cameras and access control systems, an alarm system will work at its best. An alarm system is a simple integration, but extremely useful. This system can notify police or fire responders whenever necessary. 

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