Remote Technology takes pride in creating security solutions that are perfectly tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Our process is simple: we begin with a conversation, analyze those needs, scope out the site, and then create a solution that captures these exact needs. Often, this involves several components that create a customized security “integration.” In this article, we’ll explain how integrated security systems work and how it protects your business.

First Example

Video surveillance does an incredible job of keeping employees, customers, and property safe; however, video surveillance has certain shortcomings that could be covered with other security integrations. For example, if a video surveillance system covers a certain door that has open access, an unauthorized individual can enter your facility with ease. This is the perfect example as to why someone should combine security surveillance with an access control system. 

With this combined integration installed, unauthorized access will become an issue of the past. You’ll now see who and how someone enters your facility with a video feed and access log (depending on whatever entry option you choose). While you’d originally have issues with one system’s shortcomings, you’d now have ample coverage with the combined integration. 

Adding More

Continuing on with this same example, adding an alarm system to this security integration would further solidify the system’s overall strength. When your entry point is breached by an unauthorized guest without the necessary credentials, the alarm system can sound off and notify nearby employees to lock down that access point or check it via the control system. This creates an immediate response to an ongoing scenario.  

Even with a silent alarm system, your integrated security systems will be dramatically strengthened through the use of interconnected devices. The possibilities are endless.

Second Example

In terms of current solutions that go along with the pandemic climate, this example ties together a temperature monitoring system with an access control system. 

Imagine you’re wanting to go to your local gym. Before you enter, a security team has installed a temperature monitoring system that uses infrared sensors to approve or deny you based on your body temperature. If a business owner chooses to integrate this system with an access control system that utilizes card access, you’ll now have a video and entry log of every guest to come into your facility on any particular day. While having one or the other of these integrations in the system may do the job you’re looking for, having both in integrated security systems create the highest level of security possible. 

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