Access control is a necessary addition to many businesses of all sizes. These systems can come as simple as a liftgate at your property entrance or as complex as a multi-unit integration. Whatever the level of access control you need, here are four reasons why you need access control.

Access Limitation

Limiting unauthorized access to specific areas of your business can deter significant trespassing, theft, or other crime issues. Consider this: if you’re operating security for on-campus housing, installing access control to limit visitor access to residence halls will decrease disruptions throughout the day and night. In the case of halls split by gender, access control stops males from accessing the female side of the hall and vise versa. Naturally, there are many more uses and implementations, so it is important to start that conversation with your security technology partner to find the best solution for your needs. Each system comes with distinct pros and cons, so think through each option before concluding on one. 

Reduce Theft

Locking up your expensive resources can only provide so much protection. If you’re locking up with a classic metal key, you could be doing yourself a massive disservice if you were to lose it or have it stolen. In this case, consider locking it up with a biometric access control lock that will only allow certain users fingerprints, facial images, or iris recognition. For cheaper options, consider a simple keycard.

Regardless of your budget, the range of access control you use will diminish your risk of theft. With access control, you’ll be able to see what access points were opened along with what time that action occurred. This keeps you better informed if a criminal event were to occur. You’ll quickly be able to narrow down the time of the event and review more clues from there.

Grant/Revoke Access When Needed Four Reasons Why You Need Access Control

When hiring new employees, you can grant them access to certain areas as a part of their onboarding process. This means lobbies, hallways, office doors, closets, or whatever else they may need. Increased access may come with role changes, promotions, etc. This can be addressed quickly and instantly applied to whatever doors you decide to grant access to.

Revoking access to employees who have left your company or have been let go is a necessary precaution, even if these individuals have left on good terms. As a part of their termination process, revoking access can prevent them from reaching areas they are no longer allowed in. 

Reduce Lockouts/Rekeying Costs

Getting locked out of your building always puts a damper on your mood. With an access control system, you’ll be able to remotely unlock or lock certain doors to let guests or visitors inside. Employees can sometimes forget their access cards or devices, so this feature acts as a quick fix to this issue.

In the event of lost keys, the price of rekeying a door can become a nuisance. Instead, having to only replace a swipe card makes access control a solid long-term solution. 

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