The benefits of video intercoms work best for businesses wanting to increase their access control, intruder reporting, office communications, and/or minimize crime. While audio intercom systems can do a solid job of communicating who is at your door, a video intercom system cranks up your security by pairing the audio with a video image. In this article, we’ll highlight the benefits of video intercoms and why your business should implement it.

Limit Face-to-Face Interactions

While COVID-19 continues to exist and affect our lives, minimizing face-to-face interactions is necessary to keep your customers and employees safe from the spread. A video intercom system placed at one or several entry points can regulate who comes in and out of your business. By using this system, you can implement contactless exchanges in applicable cases and prevent your employees from unnecessary interactions. No matter if you’re simply telling a delivery driver to leave boxes at the door, the benefits of video intercoms make it worth the investment. You’ll minimize your interactions and be able to access other parts of your business from the comfort of your own desk.

Intruder Reporting

Video intercoms can help you spot unwanted guests before, during, and after hours. Imagine a system as simple as a doorbell camera. If you’re asleep late at night, the system could notify you of any outside movement and let you view it from your mobile device. A video intercom system operates in the same capacity. No matter what time it is or your location, you’ll be able to see any possible intruder coming into your business. This means you’ll notice any non-employee or unauthorized individual moving around your intercom system. If combined with other security integrations, this system will prove beneficial in a variety of ways.

While intruder reporting can be done with a lone video intercom system, it’s absolutely vital for you to pair this integration with other security measures to amplify your protection. This includes other security measures like access control, surveillance cameras, gates, intrusion alarms, etc.

Benefits of Video Surveillance

Office Communications

In multi-departmental offices, a video intercom system between each department entrance can regulate incoming/outgoing traffic. This way, you’ll continue to interact with the same small crowd that you interact with every day. A video intercom system can act as a quick checkpoint for anyone wanting to enter a particular area. Video intercom systems can be placed in individual offices if desired and enhance communication between co-workers. 

Minimize Crime

Every business owner wants to minimize the risk of anything happening to their building, resources, or employees. In this 2007 study by the New York Times, crime rates in NYC dropped by 50% over time. Officers and business owners cited having access to solid video feeds played a significant role in minimizing criminal activity. These same ideas contribute to the benefits of video intercoms. By combining a motion-detecting video intercom system with other security integrations, you’ll gain ample peace of mind and know that your business is under a watchful eye at all times. This means you’ll gain more time by being able to devote your efforts to core business growth.

Go Beyond Traditional Security 

Remote Technology Security Services goes beyond traditional security by integrating a wide range of security assets to create an all-in-one security solution that delivers. We’re trusted by large and small businesses throughout Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina and will help you find the best security solution for your business. To get started, contact us today and speak with one of our experienced security engineers about the benefits of video intercoms. We’ll help you find the combination of security integrations to get your business the best protection possible.