Surveillance camera maintenance keeps your security system functioning at its best level. Just like a vehicle, a well-maintained security system will run smoothly for longer. Regular maintenance highlights your system’s strengths and weaknesses, which directly benefits your business’s overall security. In this article, we’ll highlight a few reasons why your business should look to dust off your camera’s dirt and cobwebs and improve its overall efficiency.

Clean The Area

Surveillance camera maintenance doesn’t begin with just the camera. Consider this: when you installed your camera system, how long was the area’s vegetation? Do numerous trees, bushes, or shrubs block your camera’s view? This first step can improve your camera’s viewing radius and ensure an optimum viewing area.

Next, look at the actual camera. Does the camera’s mounting area have other obstructions? Consider brushing away cobwebs, greenery, or birds nests that rest on your camera. If left unattended for a long period of time, these small objects can cause massive blindspots in your security system.

Surveillance Camera Support and Maintenance

Clean and Refocus Lenses 

For this example, imagine you wear glasses. Looking out of dirty lenses can blur your field of view. Just like your eyes, your surveillance cameras’ lenses struggle to see out of cloudy lenses. A cloudy lens limits your field of vision and could potentially miss significant events within your facility. Opting to polish your camera lenses will give your system a boost in performance and potentially get them back to like-new recording quality.

Additionally, surveillance camera maintenance also includes refocusing and re-aiming your cameras. Over time, your high-traffic areas and stress points could potentially evolve. This evolution may have created new areas within your business that need additional coverage. In this case, choosing to notify your security technology partner of these issues while performing your routine maintenance can help them understand what needs to be done to better accommodate your growing needs.


Checking Connections and Cables

Over time, your surveillance camera’s cables and connectors could erode from the elements or loosen over time. This could possibly lead to your system blacking out in certain inconvenient moments. Some items to look over include:

  • Check Cables and Harnesses for Wear and Fray
  • Check Cables for Proper Dressing
  • Check for Loose Cables/Wires. Reconnect if necessary.
  • Ensure Full Functionality of Cables and System

Clear Your NVR or DVR 

Your recording module houses your surveillance camera’s video. Cleaning your NVR/DVR hardware keeps it from gathering dust and overheating. Use a dry microfiber cloth to move the dust away.

Check Recording Quality

After finishing these small tasks with the help of a trained technician, recheck your camera’s recording quality to see if removing smudges, dirt, etc. have improved your camera’s overall recording quality. In some cases, these small changes have significantly enhanced the overall quality of your recording. Though these small changes may not yield amazing or noticeable results, these changes will increase your camera’s lifespan. 


Facing the surveillance industry alone can be tough. Without proper guidance from experienced technicians regarding your surveillance camera maintenance, your system could be harmed in the process and need repairs. As always, when dealing with advanced issues, please contact a specialist to find the best solution for your issue. 

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