Your business has a number of high-value assets throughout your facility. These assets can range from sensitive data to expensive resources that could potentially be damaged or stolen if not kept under a watchful eye. Investing in security employees could potentially be a great fix, but when humans fall short, incredible technology takes over. However, the price of this technology is often too much for a business to fork out. In this article, we’ll discuss why choose Security as a Service is the best alternative for businesses wanting the peace of mind from a security system without the financial strain 

Benefits of Security as a Service

The benefits of Security as a Service go far beyond just the ease of a financial burden. First, the Solution Replacement guarantee protects your equipment from becoming outdated or inefficient. We want to make sure you have the best of the best. With technology evolving at an alarming rate, this guarantee keeps you at the top of the class. If for any reason you’d like a new system installed, Remote Technology can set you up without any financial penalty or rollover fees.

Next, our Act of God coverage keeps you worry-free from natural disasters. We’ll cover any deductible if necessary on any damaged equipment. This keeps your business from having to worry about something happening to your pricey equipment.

Third, our bundled maintenance and support package gives you protection without financial burdens. You can lock the cost of your vendor’s support agreement at today’s labor rates for the duration of your term. 

Fourth, financial benefits make this deal incredibly difficult to pass up. Security as a Service is an as-a-service payment program for organizations that do not want to own their technology solutions. Instead, you’re rolling that cash flow into one package that lets you pay for a monthly subscription of that technology. Instead, you can use that capital for revenue-generating business activities.

Finally, Security as a Service offers multiple end of term options. Renew the agreement, upgrade it, return it, or whatever other solution suits your business. This flexibility is second to none. For more information, check out this video below.

Is Security as a Service right for My Business? 

The peace of mind Security as a Service is exactly why you should choose security as a service. When you have the flexibility to evolve your security solutions as a part of your current agreement, you become agile in the market and more future-focused. If you want a subscription-based procurement method, Security as a Service could be right for you.

Contact Remote Technology 

Remote Technology features some of the most advanced security technologies available from Avigilon. Our Security as a Service model pushes the boundaries of traditional security. To learn more about Security as a Service, visit our Security as a Service page or contact us directly. We’re an essential business, so we are still operating under the direction of local, state, and federal law.