Securing your facility’s perimeter is a necessary precaution for businesses seeking to keep resources safe, guard confidential information, and protect employees. A perimeter with security technology is the best solution; however, a weak design can leave several gaps in your security. In this article, we’ll highlight the need for custom system design, camera surveillance, and access control. 

System Design 

First, a system must be mapped and designed to capture your business’s needs. Each facility, campus, or job site has a unique need that must be addressed in the design process. Without proper planning, technology will have shortcomings. Each camera must be placed in the best location. Every access point needs a great placement to regulate traffic flow. These small factors all contribute to the overall quality of security.

Custom solutions provide the best field of vision for your cameras. With 270 degrees of visibility, the top level of camera technology can make securing your business perimeter a much simpler task. Though these camera views may not be visually appealing, placing them in the correct spaces allows for the camera’s mission to be fulfilled through proper system design.

Camera Surveillance

Next, now that each camera’s spot is mapped out, selecting the correct type of camera is vital for success. Each business will have a unique need that a particular camera can address. For more discreet purposes, smaller cameras can be chosen. For broader areas, high-powered cameras can keep a wide shot of the property line in view. These needs will be addressed in the drafting stages of system design. 

Access Control

Beginning at the outermost edges of your facility, a liftgate can stop unauthorized cars or trucks from getting through your first layer of defense. As expected, this first stopping point will be complemented by a camera watching over the area. If needed, a fully integrated system will message whatever is needed for a response. 

In a different scenario, authorized users can be tracked via access control and camera surveillance. These safety nets will protect your internal staff from harm. You’ll be able to know where a particular employee is through two mediums that provide ample information. These external safeguards will save your business from outside criminal/unauthorized activity by securing your business perimeter. 

Contact Remote Technology

Facing the surveillance industry alone can be tough. What type of cameras do you select? Who can install them? What other options will you need to consider? With all these factors in play, choose to work with a seasoned set of engineers and technicians. Remote Technology is adept at creating unique solutions to best suit your business’s needs. We’ll create, install, and implement these systems and ensure they work properly and efficiently. Start your free demonstration today!