As the advancement of technology continues to create smarter artificial intelligence, the necessity for a human user to manually check every camera, access point, and stress point seems to have decreased in recent years. While artificial intelligence can’t completely replace the necessity of a human user, it has certainly helped effective incident intervention and response time. The human brain has limited attention span capabilities; however, enhancing security attention span with help from Avigilon’s Self-Learning Video Analytics software keeps events that matter in focus. 

Avigilon Self-Learning Analytics

Security Risks of A Bad Attention Span

You’ve seen it before in a few movies. A security guard sits in front of a set of cameras for hours, only to have seen absolutely nothing. He or she may fall asleep, start a game on their phone, or completely zone lose focus. In these split-second moments, a significant event can easily be missed. This lost time could yield catastrophic repercussions if missed.

In a 1999 study (Green 1999), psychologists discovered the human attention span lasts roughly 20 minutes. After these 20 minutes, security guards will miss up to 95% of occurrences. A wide range of events can happen in a matter of moments. A bad attention span could become a significant security risk in these moments. Fire, burglaries, accidents, and many other occurrences can happen in a matter of moments. 

Parity with Technology

Enhancing the human attention span with technology creates the best of both worlds. When a user struggles to stay awake and alert, Avigilon’s Self-Learning technology saves the day. In this example, we’ll use the same movie security guard. As the guard looks away, Avigilon’s self-learning technology detects odd movement. The system immediately flags the event and notifies the employee. This employee can react appropriately and send staff to examine the event. The self-learning technology can store these events in a database and show the user of similar events. Enhancing security attention span via technology is vital for your security’s success. 

Why Choose Self-Learning Technology

This clip provides ample information on how self-learning analytics can do more with less. You can leverage multiple cameras with fewer users. The proactive system takes your security to the next level. With self-learning analytics, the improved user experience will benefit the accuracy of your reporting and will find events like cars driving the wrong way, people walking in unauthorized areas, or wild animals creating havoc. 

Choose Remote Technology to Install Your Systems

Facing the surveillance industry alone can be a tall task. What type of cameras do you select? Who can install them? What other options will you need to consider? With all these factors in play, choose to work with a seasoned set of engineers and technicians. Remote Technology is adept at creating unique solutions to best suit your business’s needs. We’ll create, install, and implement these systems and ensure they work properly and efficiently. Start your free demonstration today! 

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