If your business contemplated buying a camera system to protect your assets, there’s no better time than now. You’ve seen it happen time and time again: an up-and-coming local business falls victim to vandalism or burglary. You want your business safe and secure. Naturally, this is when you start to search for the best camera system for your business. In this article, we’ll highlight some key factors in how you should select the best camera systems for your business. 

Brand Awareness

With numerous cameras and security agencies pushing their products, it seems like there are endless options. As an Avigilon partner, Remote Technology chooses to feature the highest level of security technology available. In a 2018 survey, Avigilon customers recognized the brand as “easy to use,” “reliable,” and “user-friendly.” From these customer quotes, we assert that the best route in choosing your business’s security system should be Avigilon. Clarity, precision, and reliability keep Avigilon on the top of our list for years to come. 

Remote technology is a Avigilon partner

Understanding Why You Need Camera Systems for Your Business

Though most of the reasoning behind purchasing a camera system revolves around protecting assets, it’s important to highlight the other benefits. First, it’s important to understand the reduction of employee-related lawsuits. With cameras installed throughout your facility, you can spot and address unsafe working conditions from a distance. As a result, this will reduce the likelihood of employee injuries. This overall safer work environment can improve work conditions, make employees feel safer, and limit your liability as a business owner. 

Next, consider the security standpoint. According to this New York Times article, the city of East Orange, New Jersey noticed a 50% decrease in criminal activity. With technology advancing by the minute, these cameras can deter crime by being present and recognizing crime before it happens. For more information on how this mitigates risk management, read our “Preventing Commercial Burglary” article here

Engineer a Perfect Camera System Solution

Anyone can create a camera system that can do the minimum, but with Remote Technology, our camera solutions are engineered to perfectly capture every one of your needs. Instead of having multiple cameras in one spot, we utilize one camera with several heads. This way, the system is more compact with just as much firepower. Our engineers understand stress points, areas of traffic, and how to create the best field of vision possible. Avigilon cameras with Remote Technology engineered solutions can help you see what you’ve been missing. In this example below, we reduced a six device setup into a two device setup. 

a custom engineered camera solution


Facing the surveillance industry alone can be a tall task. What type of cameras do you select? Who can install them? What other options will you need to consider? With all these factors in play, choose to work with a seasoned set of engineers and technicians. Remote Technology is adept at creating unique solutions to best suit your business’s needs. We’ll create, install, and implement these systems and ensure they work properly and efficiently. Start your free demonstration today!