Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the development of computer systems to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. While there are many critics against AI, there are also many benefits. The creation of artificial intelligence is vital for security technology to evolve and reach new heights. Whether it’s smart security systems, biometric login methods, or improved cybersecurity, the uses of AI continue to evolve into unique security solutions every day. Let’s dive into the power of artificial intelligence in the security technology industry: 

How Artificial Intelligence Powers Digital Security

For most modern businesses, there are multiple levels of security in place. If one fails, there’s often a safety net of another to make up for the flaw. When a camera doesn’t catch something, a radar detector might. Maybe one time a radar detector may malfunction. That’s when access control comes into play. Before AI, a human user hovered over a computer screen to find suspicious events. Now, AI sends notifications to users about a specific activity. For example, instead of highlighting the movement of a deer in the distance, the system recognizes and opts to file that information away. This process was formerly much different. Early AI notified users of any and all movement the second it caught it, which led to many pointless notifications about “odd” movement.


Remote Technology utilizes some of the best AI learning systems in our solutions. An Avigilon expansion appliance adds patented self-learning video analytics to almost any IP camera system. This system’s intelligence is breathtaking. It allows the AI to learn your system and locate almost any person or vehicle of interest from across your entire site once it reads previous content.  Check out this video from Avigilon:

Powerful Intelligence for a Powerful Business

Avigilon AI appliances add more control to your business. Do you have an employee, resident, or guest you’d like to keep an eye on throughout their stay? With an AI appearance search, you can recognize situations before they happen and promote better safety throughout your place of business. In this Avigilon video, we take you through Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s use of AI systems:

Security challenges can easily be solved through AI technology. The best candidates can range from school campuses, construction sites, warehouses, or whatever else can be imagined. For large complexes, AI is the perfect suitor to help reduce hours of work into only minutes. The smarter the software, the less work your security employees will have to do.

Need a Perfected Security Solution?

If your campus, site, or business needs a new smart security system that employs powerful artificial technology, Remote Technology should be the first call you make. Our seasoned engineers, technicians, and staff will create a solution unique to your business’s needs. We’re beyond traditional security.