It’s just another Friday morning and you’re opening up your doors for a new day of business. Everything is normal at first glance, but you slowly begin to notice missing merchandise. If this happens to your business, preventing commercial burglary becomes your biggest priority. 

Though there’s always a chance of it happening, any business owner fears a burglary disaster. While a security system can mitigate the risk of burglary, a top-notch system can help notify you of the risk of fire, flood, or any other disaster. Though this article focuses on suppressing burglary, the benefits of a security system are endless. 

Install an Alarm System

The best way to prevent commercial burglary is to minimize burglary risk is with an alarm system. While some alarm systems are cheap and can send you pointless motion notifications that can slowly numb you, buying a quality alarm system sold by Remote Technology can lock down your perimeter. High-caliber products like Avigilion can send you specific notifications that provide more insight than ever before. These alarm systems come with door alarms, high-tech cameras, motion sensors, and much more. Unlike other systems that notify you of any movement caught by your cameras, these instruments ensure that you’re notified about things that matter. Instead of catching a dog in the field next to your building, it catches human movement.

If you opt to install a security system, opt for a fully integrated system that can communicate with itself internally. Combine this with a lighting system to prevent false alarms of any kind. 

Lighting is Key

Dark areas are prone to break-ins. If commercial burglars can find small dark patches near doors or other access areas, they can find ways in the building in a matter of minutes. Without light, these dark pockets are difficult to see for passing police patrol cars. Installing flood or perimeter lights of some kind can prevent smash and grabs or even just general break-ins. If your building is brightly lit, the risk drastically decreases of any robber daring enough to still make an effort.

Three types of floodlight motion detectors exist passive, active, and dual motion. Passive detects body heat, actively detects motion, and dual sensors use both. While each of these has pros and cons, the best of the three is the dual sensor combination. Dual sensors switch on the lights only when there’s both motion and body heat detected. Because of this, dual sensors can prevent most false alarms and only alert you if necessary. 

Lockdown When Leaving

An important aspect of preventing commercial burglary is learning to manually secure the building’s exit or entry points before leaving for the day. Check if any doors are propped open, struggle to shut, or fail to stay open. If gone unnoticed, this can become a significant issue and allow easy access for those who are aware of their whereabouts. 

Additionally, limiting the number of significant keyholders in your business can mitigate the risk of theft. The fewer people who can access an area with expensive equipment, the lower your odds will be that someone may try to steal it for their own use. For an additional layer of protection, implement a keycard reader into your building. Each card has specific credentials, allowing only certain employees to have access to specific doors. It will also act as an accountability system and let you see movement patterns throughout the building. The Duxbury Police in Massachusetts created this checklist as a guide to keep your business safe. Following these rules can be the difference in knowing your nightly lockdown is as secure as it can be.

Know Your Area

Your security measures may depend on crime rates in the area or local criminal history. Though it may seem as if an area has a low crime rate, it’s still imperative to have the proper security measures in place. In any case, it’s important to take the proper precautions. Scheduling a security demonstration with Remote Technology allows for you to see what custom solutions your business may need to prevent commercial burglary. 

It Can Be Anyone

Earlier this year in California’s Bay Area, a pair of elementary school students committed commercial burglary in their Hernando County elementary school. While these students would seem like the least likely candidates to commit commercial burglary, security footage showed the pair breaking in the school. Though this example is an outlier within countless examples, it highlights that anyone can attempt to break-in your business at any time. If not for the school’s security system, these two children could have easily gotten away with commercial burglary. Not only is a security system vital to protect your business from events like this, but it can also help you identify those who commit commercial burglary and have them held accountable for their actions.

Layers of Protection

If burglars get through one line of defense, it’s imperative that you have multiple other layers in place. Without security cameras, you’re likely to still have break-ins. Without card access control, those who get in the building won’t have access to get to your most valuable assets. However, if these two systems are combined with other small defenses, your building can become a fortified fortress with massive defenses and prevent your business from commercial burglary. 

Choose the Right Security Provider

Not all crimes are the same, nor are all security systems or providers. With Remote Technology, we take pride in providing the highest quality security solutions possible. Our solutions are engineered to fit your business’s specific needs so that your needs are met at all times. While security solutions can often be pricey, remember, the safety provided by a top-notch security system will outweigh any upfront costs.

If your business would like to prevent commercial burglary, contact Remote Technology for a demo or consultation today. We’re happy to engineer the best solution for your business and show why we’re beyond traditional security.